Why Modifying Your Car Has An Impact On Your Car Insurance Premiums

Some individuals really love their cars and take a great pride within them. They use them as an extension of their personalities and customize them in the great variety of methods, improving both the appearance and satisfaction as much as they possibly can. There is a down side to this however. It may increase the value of your car plus it may build a head turner or increase its performance but it is going to almost certainly increase the cost of your car or truck insurance.


But what’s the reason behind this?

According to research by insurance carriers they are also more likely to become involved in accidents leading to a claim around the car insurance company, although well, not only are these modified cars more prone to be targeted by thieves and vandals.

Car insurance companies see things very clearly and it’s actually a good simple equation – the higher the likelihood of a vehicle being involved in an accident so therefore them having to make a pay-out, the greater the premiums will be.

Drivers who modify their cars for improved performance and look are more likely to engage in accidents, instead of only are these cars more attractive on the drivers however are also a far more attractive proposition for thieves.

We’re not talking about significant modifications with regards to raising the price of car insurance. It can often be something extremely small, in fact any way in which the motor has evolved from when it first drove out of the factory or drove from the forecourt of Gardena Nissan whenever it was still brand fire new.

A number of the changes which do have a poor impact on insurance prices include:

• Alloy wheels – something as simple as changing from factory wheels to alloy wheels may make your insurance higher priced.


Should you change the navigation system in your car this could be counted as a modification which increases automobile insurance payments, • Navigation system -.

• Entertainment system – fitting an expensive entertainment system to your car can increase its attractiveness no end… and hence make it very likely to be stolen or damaged by thieves trying to get with the equipment.


It’s not all the bad news though – some modifications can actually help to lower the cost of your car or truck insurance. Take a look with your insurance carrier but some will give you reduced premiums if you suit your car with:

• Tracking systems – this can make your car a less attractive target to thieves as well as help you to trace should it be ever stolen.

• Immobilizers – it’s all about reducing the likelihood of your car being stolen.

If you make any modifications to your car in any way then you must inform your insurance company to see what impact it will have (if any) on the buying price of your premiums. In the event of a crash, damage or even your car being stolen you will simply get a proportion of the claim money you had been expecting , in the event you don’t do this you may find that. . . or you may not even be qualified to claim anything at all.

At Downtown Nissan they’ve got a great choice of vehicles that happen to be perfectly fine just as they are . . . the way they were when they rolled out of the manufacturer’s factory. And prior to you making any modifications at all it is recommended to check on the way it may impact the price you have to pay, before you buy a brand new car it is wise to check out the insurance fees however.