2015 Subaru WRX – Flash Drives


It may not look the part but Subaru’s all-new WRX is deceivingly fast. Which power comes on buttery smooth even. If you’re a current or past WRX enthusiast, you may have already written it away on looks alone, its rather sedate exterior could easily fool you, and. But don’t judge this book by its cover. Wicked ride, even though instead, go for a ride, like I prepare and did for one hell of a refined. Subaru’s engineers claim that it’s all about pure precision and power, something you’ll come to termed asSo, what’s new about this WRX? Plenty. First, the entire suspension has been completely redesigned to get much stiffer than the previous generations, as handling is amongst the core focuses of this car. If you’re familiar with the butt clenching firmness an aftermarket coilover suspension provides, so don’t sweat it, the stiffness is noticeable but hardly a gripe. They’ve increased the turn-in on the WRX, which is now even greater compared to the BRZ, and its lateral Gs are similar to that of a 911 Carrera S or Mitsubishi Evo. The most effective (and easiest) way to describe how the car feels when compared with WRXs past is that there’s a refinement about it that doesn’t sacrifice the performance you come to expect from an automobile with that name. You know that “roughness” the older cars have, either while idling or putting around normally? There’s none of this in this car, and yet still it has a raw driving feel. Thought it’s fightin’ words to mention Evo in the same breath as WRX, another way to describe this more mature driving experience would be like explaining the visible difference from the Evo 9 and X; when you know that difference, then you’ll be able to appreciate this improved driving feel.Even if this car does come built with a turbocharged variant from the FA20 – yes, a similar FA20 which comes in the BRZ – don’t mistake this as being simply that, a “turbocharged version of the BRZ engine”. It’s actually more similar to the Forester’s powerplant, and this 2.0L DIT features a bottom-mounted turbo that delivers an extremely proper 258lb and 268hp-ft. The two main drivetrain options: a 6-speed manual that’s every amount of fun to shift through as you can image, and new (simply for mass appeal) is incorporating an automatic, which will come with three driving modes: Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp. In the three, Sport Sharp offers the sportiest feel and most favorable gearing, which of course may be operated 100 % chimp mode for the longer hauls or via the paddle shifters mounted on the controls when you wanna get canyon cray. Though it’s a CVT, it hardly drives like your average CVTs that tend to be total shit; again, something you are able to only experience by driving it upfront. There’s a new center-positioned, color Multi Function Display that shows various vehicle monitoring systems, most notably an initialHave you thought about room for improvement? Well, that remains to be noticed, but Subaru knows that beyond their standard realm of consumers who usually enjoy the car for what it is (stock), they know WRX also can extend its shelf life on account of the aftermarket and individuals like us who like to ensure they are faster, handle better…you be aware of deal, and this means you’re more than likely to see performance parts a plenty, especially since there’s a turbocharged FA20 to deal with. And don’t forget: there’s an upcoming STI that’s has yet to be revealed, and even that model could open up new possibilities within the realm of modification. Note for all you wheel whores around: the bolt pattern has become 5×114.3 instead of 5×100, and that means tons more options for wheels.